Elena Slivnyak is a Ukrainian born fashion designer, who immigrated to San Francisco in the early 1990’s. From as early as she can remember, Elena has had a natural affinity toward creating futuristic, awe-inspiring designs. After graduating from the Academy of Art University, she founded her own couture fashion brand- IIMUAHII. [Pronounced “Eee-mooah-eee”] True to her vision, predominantly constructing Avant-Garde show pieces, IIMUAHII strives to fabricate conceptually stimulating garments, incorporating unique styles and distinguishing aesthetics embodying a super-human theosophy. IIMUAHII’s soul is mystic, pushing to foster, rather than follow trends.


IIMUAHII prides itself on being a sustainable and environmentally responsible company, producing everything local and in-house. Furthermore, IIMUAHII is constantly fighting for animal rights, using only cruelty-free materials in all of their products and is vocal in its opposition of the use of fur in the fashion industry.


Elena’s creative direction practices the exploration of unfamiliar silhouettes and robust textile configurations to manifest her cutting edge signature aesthetic. Constantly sought by celebrities, and exclusive stylists, IIMUAHII is adored by Lady Gaga, Debby Harry, Tyra Banks, Annie Clark, and many other notable iconic figures. Moreover, Elena’s work has been featured internationally in Annex, Homme Essential, Le Mile, Marie Claire, SOMA, Style-Ology, Tantalum, Zink and a number of Japanese magazine publications.


IIMUAHII also recently made its debut on the silver screen, showcasing custom designs in the Hunger Games Mockingjay film and is currently seeking to work more in the film and entertainment industries.


IIMUAHII’s latest collection “Space Opera,”  seeks to explore unearthly life forms nesting inside deep sea terrains. The silhouettes explore parts of Japanese and Asian cultures and focuses on ultra-unique fabrication techniques, while introducing a more feminine approach than past collections.