IIMUAHII for Prysm Atelier

Are you a clothing designer with a unique vision but need some assistance bringing your ideas to life? Here at IIMUAHII we are branching out to more locals and emerging designers within the fashion industry, offering variety of creative direction consulting and garment manufacturing services. IIMUAHII’s expertise and experience might be just what your company needs to move forward and building your label.

Emerging designers face a number of hinderances when it comes to bringing their concepts to consumer. Depending on where you feel our skills may be applicable, IIMUAHII offers:

-Design consultation

-Fabricating samples , constructing patterns, grading, and sourcing materials

-Look book/ editorial/ street style photos to circulate

-Also, you and IIMUAHII’s marketing manager can dialogue about some of the structure and framework that come with shaping your brands image, social media content curation and dispersion, approach to public relations, and other marketing strategies to help captivate the essence of your label and capture target audience.

A prime exemplification of how IIMUAHII can increase the viability of your label is our recent project for Prysm Atelier, a new RTW luxury label based in New York offering minimalist men’s/women’s apparel.

Jarrett Andrew, The CEO and founder of Prysm Atelier, approached IIMUAHII with an assortment of sketches illustrating design concepts he envisioned for PA’s debut collection. Jarrett had quite ambitious and knowledgeable ideas regarding branding and merchandising, but simply needed the proper couturier to materialize his concepts into the garments he envisioned.

You can view all of our services here:

Design Consultation:

During the consultation, IIMUAHII can educate you on pricing options we offer regarding quality of textiles, and the most cost effective ways to construct the silhouettes you desire. Seen below are some examples of the sketches the client sent in, and our revisions.

(Click photos to enlarge!)

Attachment 2   noprice#4 final

mazzyfinal3     noprice#2 final

Attachment 4 noprice#3 final

mazzyfinal1             noprice#4final

 Next step, Sample Development!

photo 2-1    photo 2-3    photo 5-1

photo 3-3    photo 1-2

photo 3-2    photo 1-1


Beautiful details

 Behind the scenes at the look book photo-shoot:

photo 1-2    photo-12-300x225

photo 1-1    photo 2-1


photo 5-1    photo-52-225x300


male 1    male3-200x300    male4-200x300    megandress2-300x200-1    Megan 2

meganupclose megandress1 megan3

dress3-3 dress3 megan dress

megans dressm2 megandress2-2 megan1

 We are very pleased with the result! Oh, and Tyra Banks is already a fan of Prysm Atelier, appearing in one of the dresses on the Arsenio Hall show!

 tyra-banks-october-2013    arsenio-600


If your interested in any of our services inquire at info@iimuahii.com

Special thanks to the team:

Photographer: Nick Aitken

Creative Director/Post Production Editor: Elena Slivnyak

Hair: Jaymz Marez

MUA: Christian Alvarez

Models: Megan O’Neal and Javier Francis







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