Introducing IIMUAHII’s New Accessory “Koji” Handbag and Partnership with Big Dawgs Rescue

IIMUAHII is proud to introduce our very first accessory available for purchase to the public. Inspired by Elena’s work on last week’s episode of Project Runway Allstars. She set out to craft something distinct, modern and innovative, while remaining wearable for our fans that don’t necessarily wear avant grade runway pieces. The Koji’s elegant and distinguishing architecture is both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably functional. Staying true to IIMUAHII’s fashion forward persona, our wonderful design team was able to materialize this fantastic idea with a few rough sketches, and pinch of inspiration. Our debut accessory, the Koji, is a beautifully versatile statement piece that can be worn in five different ways. Ideal for dressing up or down with those boots you cant seem to throw away, or the heels you only break out on special occasions.




The Koji bracelet-bag is designed using locally sourced materials, utilizing the fantastic emerging talent San Francisco has to offer. The Koji’s elegant and distinguishing architecture is both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably functional. We are yet to design something that will help you cut out junk food or ease the pain when receiving a parking ticket. However, we did successfully assemble an accessory that is marvelously inventive, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe.






Fresh and unique, adequately embodying the super human spirit that is IIMUAHII. Koji isn’t just a bag. It’s a multi use accessory to compliment your cutting edge fashion aesthetic, reflecting a minimal, yet daring style.





|| The “Koji” can be worn five different ways ||

  • Clutch style attached to bracelet
  • Bag hanging from the bracelet attached to wrist
  • Using bracelet as handle for bag
  • Clutch alone
  • Bracelet alone


Designer// Head Creative Director// Production Manager: Elena Slivnyak

Photographer: Mikhail Shapiro

Model: Nicole Binifacio

Ass. Creative Director// Stylist: Dino Ynostroza



|| IIMUAHII is also pleased to announce our new partnership with Big Dawgs Rescue||

Big Dawgs Rescue was founded in May 2009 by Joanne Rivero, and is run entirely by amazing volunteers within our community. Big Dawgs is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless and abandoned dogs, placing these helpless animals into forever loving homes. Primarily focused on larger breed dogs, they have recently grown and extended their efforts to include pets of all shapes and sizes.

Elena, along with the rest of  the IIMUAHII team is extremely passionate about animals. So we are very exited and immensely honored for the opportunity to give a portion of profits to such a great cause, helping get our furry little friends get into the hands of owners that will show them the amount of love and affection they deserve. $20 from every online order and $100 from every custom order will be donated. We can’t wait to start making changes today! Raising awareness for the neglected, IIMUAHII Couture is pleased to introduce our new partnership and look forward to heightening our impact in the world.

Don’t forget to like Big Dawgs Facebook Page 🙂


doggy1       doggy2bigdawgsrescueilogo


To purchase the Koji handbag or to view more details:

IIMUAHII and Big Dawgs Rescue can’t thank you enough for all of your support!






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